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Energy crisis in Europe and the emerging powers in the Eastern Mediterranean | Symposium - Video

MEEM Center Executive Director, Dalia Ziada, participated in the Energy and Security Symposium of the USA Israel Morocco Business Council to discuss the emergence of new international players to disrupt and bypass energy crisis in Europe and the eastern Mediterranean. Watch the Symposium in the video above.

Official Press Release of the event:

NEW YORK – February 5, 2022 –

The US-Israel-Morocco Business Council’s (UIMBC) “Energy & Security Symposium 2022” this week kicked off a “series of events designed to translate the new era of diplomatic openness and opportunity with Israel into tangible, mutually beneficial results for all, cultural exchanges, counterterrorism efforts, security cooperation, as well as high tech and business development,” said Malcolm Hoenlein, Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations. 

Citing how Russia is leveraging of its energy supplies and Algeria’s politically motivated closure of the Maghreb-Europe Gas (GEM) pipeline as drivers of Europe’s current energy crisis, causing consumers to suffer from skyrocketing prices and coal-driven environmental consequences, Mr. Hoenlein added that: “Israel, Azerbaijan, Morocco, and Egypt are providing energy solutions, countering exploitation by extremist elements, & promoting cooperation while addressing climate concerns.” 

The Energy & Security Symposium featured distinguished speakers from each of those countries, who addressed challenges and opportunities to bypass and disrupt the energy crisis.

Dalia Ziada, Executive Director of the Meem Center for Middle East and Eastern Mediterranean Studies, focused on the “rising power, rising cooperation between Egypt and Israel” in liquified natural gas (LNG) production and shipping, which has already alleviated some of southern Europe’s suffering. “All we need to do is manage the abundance of resources that we have and keep the spirit of the Abraham Accords going for better future outcomes.” This event “brought a lot of optimism to my heart,” she concluded. 

“For years Israel had no natural resources. The only resource we had was our human capital,” said Adiv Baruch, a leading entrepreneur & former Chairman of the Israeli Export and International Cooperation Institute, who is now base in Dubai. “Due to petroleum issues and all the embargos in the past, we always invested heavily in innovative ideas and solutions in the field of alternative energy…. We are [now] sharing and developing this research with the whole region,” added Baruch. 

Shahamar Hajiyev, a Leading Advisor at the Center of Analysis of International Relations (AIR), described that while “experts thought that the Southern Gas Corridor was a dream, but now… the first Caspian gas is being supplied to European Union energy markets. Azerbaijan proved itself as a reliable partner for its European allies, also US, Israel,” which receives “almost 40%” of its oil from Azerbaijan. Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Georgia are all recipients of Azerbaijani LNG. 

“The closing of the [Maghreb-Europe Gas] pipeline had very low impact on [Morocco’s] energy sovereignty, said Amine Laghidi, President, International Expert Foreign Trade and Economic Diplomacy in Morocco. “His Majesty, since the beginning of his glorious reign, has put the accent on developing energy sovereignty…. [W]e are the only country from Africa who is exporting in a sustainable manner green electricity toward Europe…. Now, with the electrical grid arriving to Dahkla in the south of Morocco, we can even expect to export this electricity to other African countries, such as Mauritania [&] Senegal,” he predicted.   

The discussion was moderated by Irina Tsukerman, Esq., UIMBC’s Vice President, who thanked “His Majesty King Mohammed VI and HH Princess Lala Joumala, Morocco’s Ambassador to the United States, for their support of” the upcoming UIMBC Energy Summit in Morocco, “which will focus on energy security and bring together leaders and thinkers.” Mr. Hoenlein will lead the UIMBC’s Energy Summit Delegation.

About UIMBC: USA Israel Morocco Business Council ( is an organization that includes businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and public sector leaders from the USA, Israel, and Morocco, that fosters trade, innovation, and cooperation between the three countries. 


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