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India PM Modi is visiting Egypt, why it matters? | Video Analysis

In this interview with Times Now, Dalia Ziada comments on the historic visit of India's Prime Minister Modi to Egypt. Ziada analyzed the importance of the relationship between Egypt and India to help the global south recover from the consequences of the global standoff between western and eastern super powers.

Modi In Egypt: PM Narendra Modi visits Al-Hakim Mosque in Egypt's Cairo. The historic Al-Hakim Mosque was restored with the help of Dawoodi Bohra community. The BJP led govt is making a huge amount of investments in Madrassa-related education, in their modernization & engaging them in public life: Maroof Raza, Group Consulting Editor, Times Network. I understand the criticism against PM Modi for his fight against extremists. But some try to portray this as a fight against Muslims, which is not true... PM Modi's visit is a significant message to Muslims worldwide that...: says Dalia Ziada. Watch!


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